Here’s the deal, you won’t have to chase after us for project progress. We follow basic hard core relationship, which ensures our full attention for your project.


What are your Goals?

How do you want to be perceived?

Who’s your ideal customer?

How do you want the design to influence the customer?

What type of budget do you plan for this project?

Do you expect to reach to clients or sell more to their existing client base?

Give some examples of your taste in color and design styles?

How frequently would you like to meet? Weekly? Monthly?

Will there be anyone else involved in this project? Any third-party sub-contractor or other agencies/freelancers?

Who are the decision makers on this project? What is there turnaround time for making-decision?

Please list the names of five other sites that you like. Why are they attracted to you?

Are you planning to do online sales? If so, what is the product and how many items do you want to sell online?

What features do you want your website to have?

Will users need to login to your site for any reason? If so, Why?

What server support you want to use and why?

Is the content ready for your website?

Do you have a logo?

Do you have deadline for finishing the site?